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Introducing the DarkBox TriScanner

Introducing TriScanner - the first-of-its-kind, portable solution for cybersecurity professionals and digital investigators. Designed to swiftly scan, detect, and analyze suspicious activities on electronic devices, TriScanner empowers investigators and cybersecurity professionals to stay ahead of evolving digital threats.


Used by cyber investigators and cybersecurity professionals worldwide






Efficiency at Its Best

Discover the TriScanner Difference

The DarkBox TriScanner lets you easily streamline your investigations and scan a network. Its cutting-edge technology and intuitive features make it the ultimate companion for cybersecurity professionals and investigators. Say goodbye to manual scanning and hello to efficiency like never before.


Rapid Threat Detection

The TriScanner employs state-of-the-art scanning techniques to detect even the most sophisticated malware and suspicious activity communications. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and ensure the security of your digital environment.


Intuitive Interface

From wifi networks to connected devices, the TriScanner provides a comprehensive analysis of your entire network in a 1-hour to 24-hour period. The user-friendly design ensures even the most complex investigations are streamlined, making it easier to discern threats.



With our commitment to regularly rolling out new applications and updates, your TriScanner will only get sharper and more robust to combat cyber threats.

Super Easy to Start


Connect the TriScanner to your device

Simply connect the TriScanner to a phone, computer, or wifi network and let it do its magic. No complicated installations or extensive setup required.


Launch the TriScanner app

Launch the scan option for the device you are scanning, and begin. The user-friendly interface guides you through every step.


Start scanning and create detailed reports

Once the TriScanner has completed the process, it will create a report with mitigation steps.

"The DarkBox TriScanner has transformed how we secure our client's digital assets. Its advanced scanning technology and real-time monitoring capabilities give clients peace of mind knowing their networks are not being accessed."


Cybersecurity Expert,

DarkBox Security Systems

Andrew D. Sternke, JD

Founder & CEO


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